Friday 17 June 2022

Target Ovarian Cancer Need Our Help

 Hi all,

I know I usually write about womb cancer related "stuff" but today I have a favour to ask around ovarian cancer. 

Womb cancer and ovarian cancer are two different cancers and the prognosis for ovarian cancer is very often much worse than for womb cancer.

The charity Target Ovarian Cancer is currently asking people in the UK to sign an open letter, calling on UK governments to take action to end the awareness crisis in ovarian cancer.

You can add your signature to the letter via the following link:

The more people across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland who sign this letter, the harder it will be for decision makers to ignore it.

I've already added my signature. Please join me by adding yours too.

Love and thanks,

Rose x

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Sunday 5 December 2021

Hi Everyone!

Here we are on a very dull, grey, Winter's afternoon in the UK.

It's been a fair while since I last wrote a post of any kind for this blog - my last two posts have been the Data Protection Notice from Google so that you all know what you're getting into when you read blogs hosted via the site! And that's because it's a legal requirement that you're told. You'll probably see the notice pop up anyway whenever you read posts on this blog, but I've shared it just in case you don't. 

I'm not even sure this is the most up-to-date site for blogs on Google any more! But, hey, this is the blog site I have so this is the blog site I'll use from time-to-time. At least for now. (She says, having not written anything at all for several years...)

I only came on today to say hi this time around. We're heading towards Christmas again here in the UK - this year (ditto last year) seems to have passed very quickly. And, as I'm pretty sure you all know - unless you've been in deep outer space for the last couple of years, with no means of communicating with Earth - the world is still being dominated by Covid-19 and its various mutations. Although, if non-Covid headlines are anything to go by, there are various human beings apparently hell bent on world domination too. 

I gave up buying newspapers and watching TV news several years back - it makes for a much happier mindset, not to mention life in general!

So, on that note, as I've said hi, I'll leave this ramble here for today.

Love to anyone still out there who reads this blog!

Love Rose x

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Friday 28 September 2018

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Sunday 31 December 2017

Happy New Year!

We're around ninety minutes into 2018 here in the UK and I hope you've all had a good start to this new year. Wherever you are in the world, may 2018 be happy for you.

Love Rose x

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Tuesday 19 December 2017

Christmas: The Dreaded C Word?

So here we are in December and hurtling rapidly towards Christmas Day which is now less than a week away.

Christmas can be a difficult time of year for many, triggering feelings of loneliness and loss; and it's not only cancer patients who might struggle during the festive season. Anyone who is grieving the loss of a loved one, experiencing a relationship break up or going through any serious illness, can find this time of year exhausting and overwhelming.

Sometimes it's the opposite of loneliness that worries us at this time of year. Do you dread the annual visit of that one relative who finds fault with whatever you do no matter how hard you try? Or does sibling rivalry rear its ugly head when you're cooped up with your loved ones for hours on end?

Maybe your Christmas concerns are altogether different. Perhaps you spend the time worrying because you've maxed out your credit card trying to make sure everyone has a good time, but you wonder how you'll pay off the bills at the end of it all.

There's no doubt that Christmas can be an incredibly challenging time of year for many, while others approach it with good humour. Only yesterday my yoga instructor commented that she hasn't put up Christmas decorations this year because they only gather dust before having to be taken down again!

For me, Christmas is a quiet, peaceful time spent with immediate family. This will be my eighth Christmas post-cancer and I'm grateful to have survived yet another year. It's another milestone reached.

Whatever Christmas means to you, whether you celebrate or not, have a safe and happy time this December.

Love Rose x

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Monday 18 September 2017

Wise Up To Womb Cancer.

We're over halfway through Womb Cancer Awareness Month / Gynae Cancer Awareness Month and here's another reminder of symptoms to look out for that might be a sign of womb cancer:

© Action on Womb Cancer

Thanks to Action on Womb Cancer for sharing this poster. 

Love Rose x

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